Principles ensure that our work is focused on systemic change or change that involves new ways of applying resources to underlying causes. Systemic change happens when an outcome or goal has been attained; the result is either that the cause of the problem is eliminated, or programs, policies, funding streams and/ or services are permanently altered to reduce the impact of the problem on a long-term basis. The Principle tool is critical to developing a working culture among many stakeholder groups. Communities develop and adopt their own Principles that are relevant to their environment and needs.

Alignment works with two types of Principles:

Guiding Principles guide our work as an organization

Principles of Team Work guide how we work together


Examples of Principles


Guiding Principles:

  • The outcome of our work is to enable children to be successful.
  • Alignment with MNPS priorities is for the welfare of the community's children.
  • The work is designed to support the MNPS Strategic Plan.
  • The work is generational.
  • The work is focused on those who most need support in order to be successful.
  • While we are targeting academics we are focusing on the whole child.

Principle of Team Work:

  • All teams adhere to the defined committee process and structure.
  • All teams design pilot projects based on specific, measurable outcomes.
  • All viewpoints are heard and valued.
  • The team process is collaborative.
  • Team outcomes must align community resources behind the public school system goals.
  • Teams do not determine WHAT to accomplish; instead, teams determine HOW to accomplish what the public school system has determined is needed through its strategic planning process.
  • The team process must engage community organizations.
  • Team pilot projects are designed based on data and community research.
  • Participation in team pilot projects is determined solely by the team.
  • Agendas of individuals and organizations are left at the door.
  • Outcomes are based on the team agenda.
  • Teams are accountable to the Operating Board.

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