What is the AUSA Network?


The Alignment USA Network is a national network of shared practice.  The Network is made up of Alignment Communities committed to Alignment Principles, Structure, Process, and Technology.

Alignment Communities commit to:

  • developing a community-wide shared vision, purpose, and outcomes
  • the intentional alignment of existing community resources prior to the addition of new resources
  • operating based on shared community principles
  • utilizing an effective organizational structure of a board of directors, an operating board, and committees (design and implementation teams) that are co-led by public school decision makers and community leaders
  • effective, outcomes-driven process for designing solutions
  • broader community through the use of the Invitation to Participate (ITP)© process
  • developing effective and efficient communication and collaboration system
  • the use of the Alignment Technology Portal to support the Alignment Principles, Process, and Structure
  • staff support for Alignment committees


Benefits of joining the Alignment USA Network:

  • access to emerging practices and results from other communities using Alignment principles, structures and processes to address complex issues
  • technical assistance during the startup and initial implementation of Alignment principles, structures, and processes
  • opportunity to utilize ComCoefficient, the collaborative portal software developed specifically to support Alignment principles, structure, and process
  • opportunity to attend the Alignment Institute, the annual gathering of Alignment practitioners/adopters from across the country

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