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Alignment Bay County began in late 2014 when local workforce and education leaders realized the need to align their community’s resources toward improving student success in the Bay County public school system. Like many communities implementing the Alignment Toolset, Bay County is working to overcome wide-ranging barriers to student success such as a high percentage of students in poverty, an increasing number of English learners in Bay County schools in need of support, and an ongoing struggle with attendance rates.

Alignment Bay County (ABC) has spent 2015 creating the infrastructure needed to do this work. Bay County community leaders have come together to create the Alignment Bay Governing Board and their excitement and passion for this effort has set the tone for everyone across the community.

Alignment Bay County’s first three Alignment Teams, Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary, are now in place, have received team training from Alignment USA and have begun meeting and working together. The ABC Operating Board has begun to meet and work together to identify and build on the intersections of the work of each of the teams and to begin to engage the full Bay County community.

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